Transfer of Experiences in Refugees Integration Process

Realization period: January – March 2016

Donor: Bilateral Fund of EEA and Norway grants

Description: From the end of the year 2015 Slovakia has realised the greatest saving project of refugees or IDP (internally displaced person) in its history. The main coordinator and initiator of this project is non-profit organization “Pokoj a dobro” (Peace and Good) with strong support of Bishopric Nitra and Ministry of Interior of the Slovak republic. In the first period project consider a saving of group of 149 Iraqis. These 25 families were already displaced from refugee camp in Kurdish Erbil to Slovakia on December 10th 2015. After obligatory asylum procedures it will start the integration process of these people. This process will be managed and coordinated by Nitra Diocesan Charity as a partner in the project.

Nowadays in preparing phase Diocesan Charity tries to find all the best practices and experiences with integration. We are planning cooperation and knowledge exchanges with organizations from Germany, Austria, Italy or Czech Republic. But Norway is on of the most experienced and the best valuable countries in such processes. So we would like to also start bilateral cooperation with the Norwegian partner.

From Caritas Europe we received recommendations on Caritas Norway and we have started a communication with their members. We obtained the positive answer and encouraging to partnership in project.

So we want to realize the first study trip to our new partner as a project activity. On study trip we want to see and hear the good integration in practice. We want to go there as a whole basic team of people that will be responsible for setting up of different parts of integration process. It will be intensive  experiencing study travel longing 4 working days.

We hope to find the really useful information which could help us to set up right integration process. Concretely we will ask not only about social assistance and inclusion, cultural mediation and inter-cultural education, work with communities, coordinating of volunteers, communication with public sector and, especially, about good effective cooperation with local governance (in which is Norway one of the world leaders).






Report from study trip                                                           Správa zo študijnej cesty